With passion for the Results – proficient business development, without disregarding technology

We have the ability to make even the most complicated work look easy from either side of the table.

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We form common understanding and create effective development programs.
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We advice in complex ICT sourcing and development challenges.
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We develop your sales through real customer cases.


We help you to manage ICT more efficiently. We form a common understanding and lead the change in the right direction.

leading leading

CEO: are you leading change or is change leading you? We speed up the change initiatives relating to ICT.

leading buying

CIO: are you delivering business value or technology? We help you getting business value from ICT.

leading selling

Sales lead: do you lead sales or sales people? We specialise in developing demanding B2B solution sales.


We believe a better understanding of both sides of the table leads to better buying. We will guide and support you in smarter ICT procurement.

smarter investment

We also evaluate changing work roles, process changes and realisation of benefits to support the investment decision

smarter procurement

In smart procurement, we take into account the current situation, the path between the goal state and, if necessary, we break the project into manageable tasks.

smarter management

We ensure the return on the investment and management of change through a rational management model.


We specialise in demanding B2B solution sales. We help our customers make better offers to their own customers because we understand the buyer.

real customers

We engage our customers’ customers in developing sales and negotiation skills.

real cases

We work with our customers’ real business cases utilising coaching, workshops, our own tools and ongoing communication.

real outcomes

Real customers and real business cases combined with our way of working lead to real results.

what makes us unique

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we differentiate by specialising

By focusing on specific industries, we also contribute to the content in addition to our extensive general expertise.
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‘both sides of the table’ – experience

We make sure that in every assignment you benefit from our extensive experience as leaders, buyers and sellers.
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value to your customers

The change should be visible to your customers. We actively involve customers / business management / ICT in the development initiative.

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