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Rsult - Our services

we differentiate by specialising

By focusing on specific industries, we also contribute to the content in addition to our extensive general expertise.
Rsult - Our services

‘both sides of the table’ – experience

We make sure that in every assignment you benefit from our extensive experience as leaders, buyers and sellers.
Rsult - Our services

value to your customer

The change should be visible to your customers. We actively involve customers / business management and ICT in the development initiative.

our services


Lead – We help you to manage ICT more efficiently. We form a common understanding and lead the change in the right direction.

Buy – We believe a better understanding of both sides of the table leads to better buying. We will guide and support you in smarter ICT procurement.

Sell – We specialise in demanding B2B solution sales. We help our customers make better offers to their own customers because we understand the buyer.



We help you to manage ICT more efficiently. We form a common understanding and lead the change in the right direction with effective development programs.


The best ICT solutions are made in co-creation with the business. Our goal is to combine business and ICT in a way that supports business development.

A better understanding of both sides of the table will lead to smarter decisions and better results.

A better co-operation between suppliers, customers and partners would enable us to make better use of ICT. At Rsult, our core competence in purchasing is the acquisition of complex, business-oriented ICT solutions.

the highs and lows of buying

Smart ICT and procurement organisations look at the big picture and understand the dependencies of expertise and affairs. The smartest are also looking at this from a journalist point of view: how do we become the most desirable customer for whom experts want to work for?


The top sales organisation focuses on improving the customers’ decision-making process – the average sales organisation only focuses on its own sales process.

The top seller drives the customer’s affairs in the direction of his/her own organisation. A top seller knows professional pride and wants to do his/her best at every stage of sales, as well as always a little bit better than the competitors.

The top sales manager coaches’ sales from the customer’s point of view. He/she knows that staring at the result does not push things forward but focusing on the doing will bring the wanted result.

demanding solution sales is an understanding of buying

Selling as a seller – or thinking like a buyer?

Do you discuss the risks in time or do you save it for later? Do you have the courage to ask for the willingness to invest, or do you act based on assumptions? Courage, Proactivity, and Relevance for the Customer are things that the buyer appreciates. The average focus on selling – the top helps the customer to buy.