With Us, out comes Results!

Rsult – your trusted advisor in growing sales, taking advantage of technology, and executing transformations with an impact.

Our Mission

fuels our determination to develop ourselves, for our clients, today and tomorrow

We believe that better use of ICT can help develop the entire society. We want to be our sectors acknowledged developer and work towards a better understanding of different actors. Our understanding and experience from being on ‘both sides of the table’ – as both customers and suppliers – is the equity upon which our mission is built.

Our values

in a changing world, our values remain the same.

Rsult - We


We are the renewable fossil consultants. We believe renewal is the process of bringing the results of change into line with our purposes.
Rsult - We


We have the courage to boldly put our expertise and personality in the use of the customer. Courage is contagious.
Rsult - We


Short-term results are not enough for us, we require results in the long run – from ourselves and our customers.

More altitude and attitude!

At the heart of our work is our customers’ customers – change should be visible for them. We bring courage to change. We are professionals in dealing with complex situations – the more challenging the situation, the more excited we become.

We believe in our ability to solve. Our “both sides of the table” experience has been gathered from a variety of fields of expertise and leadership both on the customer and on the supplier side.

We believe in continuous learning and co-creation. When you work with us, you will hear us at some point state “implementation in everyday life, including customers, always a bit better than competitors, systematic approach, let´s eat our own medicine, what problem were we solving again?” From words to action, from action to results.