An operation supporting ICT investment, ICT solution and software acquisition are all part of business development. However, a technical solution is only one element of successful business development.

Planning ICT can be difficult, especially in an already working business. Also, the more systems are in use, the more difficult the planning of ICT becomes. In addition, to the requirements for operational changes in the target activity, the changes must also acknowledge the other activities and the systems used.

Elements for a successful ICT investment

To understand how that process should be managed and what solutions may be relevant it is important to analyse the nature of the process. At Rsult we use a process portfolio model created by McFarlan, to evaluate the nature of processes.

We can achieve the bigger picture by mapping the processes and the systems supporting the process. There is a need to know the environment of the process being changed so that the necessary changes can be planned. Technical mapping ensures the need for interfaces and integrations.

The evaluation of benefits is done with the taught: “The benefit must be measurable, the benefits must be comprehensively mapped and they should not overlap. Achieving the benefit requires a change in the operation or process. The process change is supported by an optional ICT solution or change.” To crystallize our thinking, we use the value three and value matrix techniques.

The investment calculations summarise the ICT investments effects, benefits and the changed cost structure of the ICT investment. In addition to financial direct investment calculations, the indirect benefits and costs of the investment are also assessed.