Smart ICT management is business-driven

Easier said than done?

Well-managed ICT deserves a place alongside business and, at best, ICT is managed as part of the business. ICT can also create new businesses, with the idea that ICT can overcome market disruptions and digitized operations will bring cost-effeciency.

Unfortunately, ICT is often perceived as only a function of support.

Our starting point for ICT management is that smart management and service management with ICT earn a first-place alongside the business. Building this foundation starts always with analysing the business. The business is defined by its nature, cost and margin flow and by its business architecture.

There are several processes and management models for IT, and we have practical experience in several different models. Once the business architecture is clear, you can choose the “right-sized” ICT process and Management templates – looking strictly at business needs. The purpose of this step is to make sure that the foundation is in order.

The next step is to implement the selected practices, and this will also shift the focus to launching the necessary business partnerships.

A well-functioning and business-friendly ICT, as well as common practises and collaboration between business and ICT, provide a good platform for ICT-enabled business innovation.