A successful ICT procurement is recognised by the fact that the chosen solution delivers all the benefits to the business environment, on the basis of which the solution was chosen.

Simple, right?

However, many things can go wrong. The costs can be miscalculated or it can be difficult to carry the procurement project. The users are not always sufficiently taken into account and the life cycle costs of the solution can surprise. The development or replacement of the chosen solution can also be surprisingly costly.

Our way of securing procurement is to first ascertain the starting point. We evaluate the nature of the targeted activities (McFarlan) and then build a comprehensive but not overlapping utility tree or matrix. For us, a project is always at least three projects, first planned, then executed, and in the final step, the project is guided towards the promised benefits. Too often procurement focuses only on the middle stage of implementation.

If you feel even the smallest amount of uncertainty about whether or not to purchase ICT, contact Mikko, and you will receive quick help, support or just a pleasent phone call.

Rsult ICT procurement services include:

  1. Review of business strategy and ICT operations
    • It is not always self-evident how to react to changes in business regarding individual systems or system entities.
    • Rsult helps you identify if there is a mismatch between your business objectives, processes and systems and how you should correct them.
  2. Support for change
    • With a few exceptions, ICT procurement is always a business transformation project. Typically, seeking business benefits requires changing the way people work as well as the content of their work.
    • We take early action planning and change management into consideration and ensure that change management is implemented. We are involved in the change.
  3. Early experimentation (POC, MVP)
    • Proof-of-Concept provides with a small investment significant information about the solution.
    • The experiment is defined by our experienced consultants and the actual construction is done by software development experts. Our network has about 1000 Finnish software experts.
  4. Requirements specification and requirements management
    • High-quality specification and management of the requirements is the key, especially in terms of scheduling and budgeting. Whether the project was implemented with a waterfall model agile methods, a high-quality requirement definition saves you from extra work.
    • We have experience in defining requirements and managing procedures for a number of large and small projects. Mikko also has a Certified Scope Manager certification.
  5. Competitive bidding
    • The competitive bidding among the suppliers requires expertise. The competition strategy and tactics vary depending on the competitor (private or public). It also depends on the role of the procurement to business and how familiar the procurement object is.
    • We have expertise in both private and public acquisition. Rsult’s special feature “on both sides of the table” benefits the buyer. We are well aware of the software vendors’ delivery policies and priorities.
  6. Management model
    • The procurements success is measured when the reasons for the chosen solution are established and it is ensured that the life-cycle cost cannot surprise.
    • A useful management model ensures that the necessary procedures are managed on a business-to-business basis and also takes into account in system-relevant aspects.