leading leading – leading buying – leading selling

We help you to manage ICT more efficiently. We form a common understanding and lead the change in the right direction with effective development programs.

leading leading

CEO: are you leading change or is change leading you? We speed up the change initiatives relating to ICT.

Change resistance does not exist – it is more about uncertainty about how to do things. When we understand each other, we become better communicators, which gives us answers on how to do things. The change should always be visible to the customer.

leading buying

CIO: are you delivering business value or technology? We help you getting business value from ICT.

It is important to understand the role of the solution and the processes the solution will impact. The McFarlan visualizes the relationship between IT strategy, business strategy and operations. It provides an understanding of what problem needs to be solved and how the solution should be approached.

leading selling

Sales lead: do you lead sales or salespeople? We specialise in developing demanding B2B solution sales.

Average sales lead focus on what, the top sales lead focus on how. To improve sales it is important to understand how to organise sales and how to help the seller sell better. Instead of focusing on results, the top focus on the doing – always from the customer’s point of view.