Rala: Towards a digital future in the construction industry​

30.7.2019 Mikko Paalasmaa

Towards a digital future

Rakentamisen Laatu RALA ry seeks to improve the standard of quality in construction and create favourable conditions for sound competition in Finland. RALA gathers and updates information on companies operating in this field, evaluates company performance, and issues competence and classification certificates. By making use of RALA’s services, contractors can demonstrate their corporate responsibility and reliability as well as their level of skills and competence.

Continuous development and digital transformation

To crystallize the strategy and promote operational projects, Rala needed a reliable development partner alongside their own expertise. A partner with an understanding of the business environment and its context. The most important development areas for Rala were development of scheduling, project advancement and prioritization.

Rsult was chosen to be involved in the change as a flexible development partner. Co-operation has been going on for years, with flexible resources according to development needs. Rsult has been in the role of Development Manager included in strategy sparring, leadership enhancement and in concrete development projects and resourcing.

Rala – a pioneer in the construction of digitalisation

There are several projects aimed at increasing digitalisation in the Finnish construction industry. The number and importance of Ralas digital services have also grown in recent years. Information about customer companies related to Ralas products, RALA qualification and RALA certification, can now be transmitted to external systems. Rala has developed a completely new digital product: Dry Chain10, which is a transparent operating model for managing moisture of a building project. Rala is currently in the process of reforming and modernizing its operating system to make it easier to make digital products in the future. With ongoing projects, Rala will integrate services into the systems of the construction project.

The best practices in ICT management, including for a small organization, with the support of Rsult. Rala’s ICT environment has been developed throughout its 20-year history. In recent years, Rala’s policy on the importance of digital has made it possible to reform Rala’s ICT portfolio both technically and in management. In a small organization, changes in development are made in an agile manner, utilizing best practices.